Packaging Supplies


We stock a wide range of strong, practical packaging products to suit your needs. To ensure your items are shipped and stored safely, select from specialised cartons to tapes and labels, samples of which are displayed below.

Featured Product: the SAFE SPOT


Perfect for keeping those important items handy when you're moving. If you need to know where it is, put it in the Safe Spot.

Here are a few examples of what you can store in it:

  • Remote Controls

  • Kettle

  • Tea, Coffee, Sugar & Mugs

  • Snacks

  • Paper plates & cutlery

  • Furniture screws, castors etc.

  • Cabinet Keys

  • Toiletries and Toilet Paper

  • First Aid Kit

  • Paper Towel & Tea Towels


Once you arrive at your destination, all the important items will be easily accessed in the Safe Spot carton, which is easy to find in its red and white colour scheme.


You may even find yourself needing two!

Dimensions are: 406 x 298 x 431mm

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